JobBox komplett styringssystem fra Total Kontroll AS

Streamline your workday by moving the office into the cloud with JobBox!

It is no longer necessary to take the trip home office to hand over a document to another project. Do it directly from your mobile!

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Easy to use

JobBox is a simple – but also a complex system.

All companies have their own procedures for their workflow, and JobBox is configurable to both small and large regimes for documents and information flow.

Be mobile

With JobBox, you only need one login! JobBox is designed to automatically adapt to the device you are using (responsive design).

JobBox does not require any installs of APPs or software, and updates are ongoing without your notice.


Documentation is important, both for business, employees, partners, customers and government agencies, and more.

With JobBox, you can always document which routines and instructions the employees are subject to.


JobBox offers a host of features to make workday easier for both management and employees.

Heavy processes with a lot of paperwork and manual work can be replaced using automated processes in JobBox.


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