Project Management

In JobBox, all features available in JobBox are linked to your projects. This means that as a project manager you will find everything you need for your project in one place.

Use your smartphone

With JobBox you only need one login in one place! JobBox is customized for mobile devices. JobBox is web-based and ready for use without the need to install software or APPs.

10 langauges available

JobBox is currently available in Norwegian, English, Polish, Latvian, Lithuanian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. We also offer a “live translation” on content documents.

Login for all employees

JobBox is designed to include the entire company – all employees. With a personal login, everything that is done and registered in JobBox will be tracked to the employee.

Personal desktop

All users of JobBox have their personal desk with an overview of their projects, tasks, etc.


JobBox has a continuous workflow where documents and assignments are assigned to a responsible person who ensures that the task is completed.

Deviation System

JobBox has an easy deviation system for registration, processing and closing of deviations. Deviations may be connected to projects, checklists, action plans, etc.


In JobBox, all employees can continuously register hours in projects they work on. The project manager can keep up to date on which work types it is conducted and how many hours are spent in relation to the budget.

Time approval

All hours must be approved. JobBox has a simple overview of all hourly statuses and which hours are ready and waiting to be processed. Approval of time can be performed by several people, just the way you want.

Document Management

In JobBox, documents are linked to projects or corporate HSE document-center. The company logo and information will automatically merge onto all printed documents.


JobBox has one of the most modern and advanced tools for completing checklists. Completion is simple and can be done with one click. Checkpoint are automatically signed by the user who performs the checkpoint.

Manufacturing documents

All projects have their own manufacturing documents area where all drawings, descriptions, etc. are collected and linked to one or more checklists.

Images and photos

With your mobile you can take pictures directly stored on the project, on the checklist, in the deviation, etc. All images will automatically be attached when printing the documents.

Project Participants

You can add the employees who will perticipate in the project. Employees will thus more easily get an overview of their tasks and projects.

Management of other enterprises

With JobBox it is easy to have an overview of other contractors who will perticipate in the project. From your contact register they are added to the project with responsibilities and contact persons.

HSE Document Center

In JobBox you have your own document center for HSE related documents. Here employees can find all the necessary information in relation to work instructions, personnel documents and more.

Action Plan

JobBox has its own action plan. Deviations or needs for changes after safety inspections can be included in an action plan that may be assigned to a person responsible for following up corrective measures.


In JobBox you can report injuries, (almost) accidents and more. In case of serious injury, this can be automatically merged into documents to be sent to the Labor Inspectorate.

Substance Register

JobBox has its own substance register where you can enter all dangerous products used in the company. Here you can attach safety sheets and safety data sheets, and mark the product clearly with current hazard symbols.

Employee documents

With personnel documents, you as a manager / staff manager in the company have a full overview of all personnel documents related to the employees.

Company News

In JobBox, you can convey news to all employees by publishing news that becomes available on the desktop of all employees.

Job Safety Analysis

With JobBox available on your mobile, you have quick access to a tool to create a job safety analysis. Participants sign up directly on the phone.

Easy user management

In JobBox you manage your employees yourself. Create users and assign roles and user licenses just the way you want it. Everything will be available immediately for use.